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March 17, 2011

How is the interest on my auto loan calculated?

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Ducky_077 asked:

My interest rate is 2.9% and every month, the amount that goes towards interest fluctuates (up and down) by as much as 10 dollars even though I pay the same amount each month. Is the interest calculated monthly (.029/12) * Amount Remaining or is it calculated factoring days in the month and when I paid?


February 11, 2011

Do you think I’d get approved for an auto loan w/ a decent rate?

kevandcambria asked:

I’m 22, been working at my full-time career-type job since July (just graduated college in May)…my credit score is about 730, and I have had a coupel credit cards for about 2 years, been payign rent for a couple years as well…basically what I’m getting at is do you think I have enough credit history to get approved for an auto loan (without being burned with an inflated interest rate)? You can rule out a parent as a co-signer because my dads credit is probably much worse than mine.


February 5, 2011

what Requirements to get auto loan?

Save Darfur! asked:

I want to buy a car from private party what are the requirements for a 15,000 loan?
credit score?
what are the best places to apply?
for how long should I make the loan so i have affordable payments?
Best Interest rate I can get for a poor-fair credit score?


October 14, 2010

October 9, 2010

Question about my finances. Using overage check to pay off auto loan a good idea?

Sicks asked:

I have just started college. I am really enjoying it. Especially after being out of high school for 4 years. Anyhow, I am back into it and I have qualified for financial aid. It is an unsubsidized loan, with a total of a little over 6k. It is my first loan, and I intend to pay every bit of it.

My employer reimburses up to $5,200 a year, which is more than enough to pay for a year’s tuition at my college branch. If my calculations are correct, I should receive an overage check of about 4k, which is the same amount I have left on my auto loan.

I am being nailed on interest for the auto loan, which is 14.2 percent — I had no credit, no co-signer — so I had to bite the bullet of an extraordinary rate. So, I figure I will take the full amount of my award this once and pay off my auto loan. It will give me peace of mind because if I lose my job, I lose my car. But if I pay off the car, I can lose my job, but still keep going to school, for I do not have to pay back my loans until after I graduate. That way I can pay about $100 a month toward the overage check, paying it off well before I graduate.

So, for the people that have had much experience with their finances, been through many hardships, tell me, is this a good idea? Am I thinking on the right track for a young age — 23?


August 5, 2010

July 19, 2010

I want to pay off my auto loan?

Loki asked:

My auto loan has about 5k and change left. I had no credit, nor a co-signer, so I had to bite the bullet of a high interest rate. 14% to be exact. High, I know. However, I want to pay this off by September buy sending in $1000 every 2 weeks. This is possible, but I need to know how this interest is applied. I don’t want to send in 1k and have it all go to interest. I believe the interest was precalculated, so how would this work? Paying 1k until September will leave me with a few payments, but I at least wanna have 12 payments made before I pay it off. Going back to school, so I will need the extra $230 a month, which is what I pay monthly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


June 25, 2010

Auto Loan Online? Military? Bank?

Rush_Informer01 asked:

I’m looking for a car loan for about $10,000 so I can buy my new car before I sell my current one (which is paid off). I have a good credit score of 741 last I checked. I’m in the USMC reserves if that will help with interest rates. I don’t have very much monthly income however since I just quit my civillian security job.

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