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November 26, 2009

Auto Interest rates?.broad I know, I’m looking for a general idea of what to expect?

Penguins = Stanley Cup asked:

I am buying a new car looking to finance about $11,000. I had my credit run at a dealership just to see if I would qualify…they denied my request saying that I have good credit but not enough history and that I would require a co-signer. My parents will co-sign, both have excellent credit. My question is what kind of rate should I expect? The average rate in my zip code for a 48 mo. new car loan is 6.78%. The lowest available advertised I’ve seen is about 4.75%. Should I expect something around the low (4.75) the middle (6.78) or the high (7+)? Am I in any kind of position to argue for a better rate if a high one is offered considering my co-signer vs my credit worthiness?


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