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October 30, 2011

BankVibe Releases New Mortgage Rate Center

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BankVibe Releases New Mortgage Rate Center

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) October 05, 2011, a popular banking blog covering interest rates, local bank deals and industry news, announced the launch of their mortgage rate center today after primarily focusing on FDIC insured savings products for nearly 3 years.

“After years of building a valuable experience for banking consumers looking to obtain the top savings products, both nationally and on a local level, it’s great to now be able to offer our readers with a mortgage center to assist them on the loan side of banking,” said Dan Nelson, CEO of “Given current market conditions, we found it necessary to provide our readers with a premier tool in helping them find the top mortgage products in their neighborhood.”

Since the bank collapse of 2008 has specialized in connecting consumers with the best banking products and promotional deals on a local aimed. Dan aforementioned his primary concern with the comparison banking landscape was that “too many sites were solely focused on the large national banks, whereas we founded a medium to highlight deals from small credit unions and community banks that regularly put their customer needs ahead of profit margins.”

After teaming up with BankRate, has been able to provide it’s readers with up to date rate information and comparison engines for mortgage shoppers.

Consumers can also compare costs, fees and APR’s of their prospective mortgage lenders.

Through, consumers can now compare mortgage rates, savings accounts, credit cards, CD rates and auto loan products from national, regional and community banks as well as hundreds of local credit unions.


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October 26, 2011

Can I get an auto loan without a source of income but with a co-signer?

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Question by John S: Can I get an auto loan without a source of income but with a co-signer?
I’m planning to buy a 2010 Nissan Altima in May, 2010. Wondering if I tin get an auto loan without a source of income. I have many relatives who are willing to be my co-signer. In this case, can I get an auto loan. Does IRS get involved in the process?

Best answer:

Answer by CB
Possible, if the co-signer is going to make the payment or has capability to make the payments

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October 25, 2011

what are average bad credit auto loan rates?

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Question by Christopher: what are average bad credit auto loan rates?

Best answer:

Answer by John Deere 4620
Mid teens.

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October 21, 2011

Auto Loan Payment- Free Engaging Article For Refinance Auto Loan Rates

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Auto Loan Payment- Free Engaging Article For Refinance Auto Loan Rates

If you are looking into buying a new or secondhand car, you will want to make certain that you are thinking smart financially. This means that you want to consider two factors which are crucial. On the one hand, you are likely to want to make certain that you are taking your own finances into account.

Are you hunting for info related to auto loan payment or other information somehow related to auto loans online, or auto loan with bad credit history? If yes, this paper will give you beneficial revelations related to auto loan payment and even somehow related to auto loans rates chase bank and explain refinancing a mortgage that you will not have known about.

Nonetheless poor credit, good credit or no credit, people tend to have the same needs, meaning you want to get around, take the children to school, and conduct your life. You need an auto, but when you have bad credit, getting a vehicle loan can be really troublesome.

Like in the case of any other loan, your ability to meet the regular payments is critical and this calls for a great amount of money discipline over an extended time frame. Any default over the 72 month period can have an effect on your credit worthiness scores and subsequently your capability to raise any fresh loans at competitive rates.

INTERLUDE– Are you finding this document related to auto loan payment so far useful? I’m hoping so because that’s the purpose of this text – to get you better educated on auto loan payment and other related auto title loans, vehicle title loans, auto comparison loan refinancing, credit union auto loan rates and info.

One way you can effectively deal with the issue of negative equity accumulating across the long tenure of the 72 month used auto loan is by making a decent down payment and thereby bringing down the loan worth. Such a measure will likewise cut hind the standard payments noticeably.

There are some online banks that accosting car financing options for those with low income and even those with a poor credit history might find this a more attractive option than going thru the normal subprime lenders.Avail blemished credit card loans now, and enjoy a cool ride in your own auto. But before it becomes easy for you to avail poor credit automobile lend, you take to build your credit history, and fix it right. If you find it tricky to get a car loan from the bank, look for other avenues where auto financing will be typically available.

Many of us hunting for auto loan payment also searched online for guaranteed auto loans, bonding loans refinancing, and even gmac auto refinancing loan,security auto loans used vehicle.

Finally, the last way to get a vehicle loan that you need to ever consider is by walking into a shady looking agency that has signs that vouch to finance any person without reference to their financial position. Not only are these peopling glorified loan sharks, but there’ll be absolutely no guarantee concluded the standard of the auto that you buy ( or even if the title is legitimate ).To reduce the chances of your finance application being defied by a lender, it is vital that you do a tiny work on your position prior to lodging an application. Knowing what you realistically spend to borrow is a step in the correct direction when mentioning to getting authorized car loans.

October 20, 2011

How To Get A Car Loan Fast, Even If You’ve Never Applied

Filed under: Auto Loan Rates — Tags: , , , , , — admin @ 1:09 am for the best car loan information. Auto Loan Rates Slashed In Effort To Stimulate Economic Growth The Obama administration has pressured lenders to get the economy moving again, and as a result now is the best time ever to get a new or used car loan. Even if you’ve never considered buying a car or truck on credit before, you should explore the option. Because auto loan brokers are desperate for your business they are offering some of the most attractive rates ever. Of course you should be an informed consumer when shopping for a loan. That’s why many internet sites like have sprung-up to help consumers make wise loan choices. You can get some of the best rates ever right now, because lenders want to lend to you. Even if you have bad credit Put yourself in the drivers seat. Learn more at http
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Some OF The Loans We Offer PERSONAL LOANS Unsecured Personal Loan – Supreme Advances can help make your dreams a reality with an unsecured personal loan. Whether your plans include a vacation, a major purchase, school or consolidating your bills into one, simple monthly payment – we can…
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October 18, 2011

Shop Around For Used Car Auto Loan Rates

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Shop Around For Used Car Auto Loan Rates

Quite often people will look at purchasing a second hand vehicle because they are a lot cheaper than new cars. When people are wanting to get the best deal on used cars it only makes sense that they should also want to find the lowest used car auto loan rates that they can.


Used car auto loan rates, like all other loan rat, can vary somewhat between lenders and so it is important to shop around before obtaining finance. If you are bought your used car from a car dealer, they may offer their own finance. While this may seem like a very convenient option, you need to be aware of the fact that you may not be able to get the lowest used car auto loan rates through dealership finance.


When it comes to buying used cars, you will find that time is a crucial factor when it comes to getting finance. When you have found the car that meets all your requirements the last thing you want is to have someone else beat you to it because you can’t get your finance in time. For this reason you will want to find a lender that can not only offer you the lowest used car auto loan rates but can also process your loan application quickly.



The outdoing way to save time getting your car loan is to shop around for competitive used car auto lending rates before you start looking for your car. This will allow you to take a lender that can offer you low used car auto loan rates before you find the car you hope to purchase and will help you avoid going with higher priced lenders because you need your loan in a hurry.


In many cases you may even find lenders who can pre-approve your car loan application before you start car shopping. This not only saves time when it comes to getting finance but it also means that you can secure used car auto loan rates at the amount that you have been quoted. By getting a pre-approval you will not risk these used car auto loan rates increasing when it comes time for you to finalize you car finance.


When it comes to getting a car loan, many people will first look to their banks or financial institutions and a lot of people will end up going with these lenders because they are familiar to them. What many people do not realize is that you can often get much lower used car auto lend rates from online lenders. Online auto loan finance is very competitive and so these lenders will do all they can to try and procuring your business and this will often include offering very low interest rates.


When you are looking for the cheapest used car auto loan rates you should certainly take the time to check out all your options and this includes your online options. Finding a low rate on your used car loan can save you quite a lot of money over the term of your loan agreement.


Whether you have good credit, big credit, or no credit, my tip will help you qualify for a low Interest rate auto loan. To improve your application chance, I suggest a few very useful tips to help you not only get an auto loan, but get the rate and terms that you desire. Also, check out the webguide on car loan – to find the right lenders offering the lowest interest rates in the industry.

Which company will give me the best auto loan rate?

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Question by Jadana: Which company will give me the best auto loan rate?
I am looking for a car loan and I am wondering which company will give me the best auto loan rate?

Best answer:

Answer by Brian P
It all depends on your credit rating. If you have good credit, you should consider Capital One Auto Finance who is known for their competitive auto loan rates. If you have fair credit, consider Roadloans. Also inquire with your bank or credit union since they may overlook some minor blemishes on your credit report. If you have poor credit, your options to get pre-approved prior to going into the dealership will be limited and you’ll probably have to rely on the dealer’s finance manager to get your approved through their in-house lenders.

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October 16, 2011

Q&A: How can I be sure to get the best auto loan rate without lowering my credit score?

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Question by Lost in Texas: How can I be sure to get the best auto loan rate without lowering my credit score?
I am about to purchase a new vehicle and I have checked my credit score and applied for a loan through my bank. They offered me 4.25%. My embossed mentioned I should go through the base credit union because they have better rates, but is it likely that I would since my score is what determines the rate? And I’m worried about trying too many places, because that will just lower my score.

Best answer:

Answer by Huntsman
Go to the credit union. They have rates as low as 2.99% – worth it.An inquiry affects your rating only by 1 or 2 point.It only affect your fico score for 1 year, even though it shows up for 2And.. all inquiries done in a 3 week window are treated as one.This is to allow the customer to shop around for a good rate/loan

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