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November 29, 2010

Local Naples FL Nissan Dealership Low Auto Loan Rates Best

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November 27, 2010

Auto Loans – Get a Low Interest Rate on a New or Used Car

Carrie Reeder asked:

Getting the best interest rate for your automobile loan may require effort on your part. Many car buyers seek a low rate. A low interest rate may conclude whether a particular car is affordable. In fact, an interest rate reduction of 2% – 3% may lower your monthly car payment by $50, which will save you thousands of dollars on a 60 month term. Here are a few tips to help you get the lowest interest rate possible.

Save For a Down Payment

One way to obtain a low interest rate on an auto loan is to have a down payment. On average, the typical down payment for an automobile is 10% or $1,000. A down payment not only guarantees a lower interest rate, but you will also receive a lower monthly payment. This may allow you to pay off the balance in less time.

Improve Credit Rating

Your credit score is a huge factor in determining the interest rate for a new or used vehicle. There are two types of borrowers: prime and sub prime. Prime borrowers are individuals with a good or fair credit rating. Prime borrowers generally have a credit score of at least 620 – 660. These applicants are good candidates for low interest rates.

Sub prime borrowers, which include individuals with a credit score of less than 620, can expect to pay a higher interest rate. To qualify as a prime borrower, strive to improve your credit score. Avoid missed payments, and pay all bills before the due date.

Moreover, reduce your debt to income ratio. If possible, your credit balances should be no more than 50% of your limit. Keeping credit cards at the maximum limit will make lenders doubt your ability to repay the loan. The outcome is a higher interest rate or loan denial.

Compares Rates Online

To obtain the lowest interest rate on a new or used car, you must compare rates. Request a quote from online auto loan brokers. Ideally, you should compare rates from at least three or four different lenders. Auto loan brokers make the process quick and convenient.

Once your request for online quotes is submitted, with 24 hours you will receive an email with quotes from several lenders. Individuals with poor credit may also obtain online quotes from sub prime auto lenders. After comparing rates, fees, and interest rates, submit an official application with the lender who offers the best deal.


How to Find the Best Interest Rates For a Car Loan

Tommy Hilligan asked:

Are you looking for a new car? Perhaps you are trying to locate the best car loan interest rate available today? If you are there are a few things that you should understand when trying to locate a source of financing at the lowest possible interest rate. Here are a few tips on how to find them quickly and easily. The first step is to begin your research. When looking for rates that will make your loan affordable, you must remember to never accept the initial interest rate that is presented to you. This is because car dealerships are designed to make money. Regardless of the state of our economy, and even though interest is at all-time lows, businesses are still out to make a buck and will do so if you are not careful.

The next step is to locate a source of secure financing. If you work for a company that is part of a credit union, this can actually help you in regard to securing the monthly payment you are seeking. Some of them can even help you in the car buying process because they have dedicated professionals that are there for exactly that reason. Finally, before making any decision, look at the current rates that exist today. If you can lock in something that is below what is publicly publicized, you will probably have nailed a great deal. It depends on how desperate the company that you are purchasing from is.

For instance, if you go to a used car lot that is hurting because automobile sales are at all-time lows, they may make a significant deal just for you so that you can drive away with the vehicle that you want and at the same time they will have a monthly payment that will help them stay in business. The bottom line is to always be smarter than the person you are coming up against. This includes the salesman, the manufacturer, and of course the person trying to get you to sign on the dotted line of the loan agreement. If you can maintain a level head, and not react based upon the emotion of the situation, you will end up with a super bargain that will allow you to have the vehicle you have always wanted.


November 25, 2010

Auto Loan Interest Rates Just Went Up – Industry Worried

Lance Winslow asked:

Most auto industry analysts knew it was coming, higher interest rates for new cars, indeed most consumers in the market for a new car probably also considered it. The subprime fallout has hit the US Auto Industry and auto loan rates just went up. Are you worried? Well if you are in the auto industry or even in the after market auto industry then you know this is indeed serious for your business or livelihood.

If you have a high credit score and golden credit then it may not be so bad, yet the truth is that most US consumers have some blemishes on their credit reports, whether it is theirs or from an Identity Theft criminal event. If your credit is not perfect and you think you are going to get a good interest rate or good deal on a loan – think again.

In fact, for the not so great credit folks you may find it hard to get a loan at all. What does this mean for auto dealers? Well one industry analyst stated that the estimated sales for 2007 should have been 16.5 million cars sold, but now most are revising it to 15.9 to 16.1 million cars. That is a huge difference of between 400,000 to 600,000 fewer cars. It means layoffs, factory slow downs and less profit. It will hurt the industry. Automotive News Magazine stated:

NADA chief economist Paul Taylor predicted that U.S. sales of new cars and light trucks this year would roughly equal the 2006 mark of 16.5 million. Now Taylor predicts 2007 sales could dip as low as 16.1 million units. At the same time, some lenders have raised interest rates on vehicle loans to subprime buyers. Dealers in markets where subprime mortgage problems are most acute report slumping sales at their stores. US Automakers will be hurt worst as they are struggling to regain market share from the advancing Toyota and Honda Brands, worse the first Chinese Autos will hit the first Chinese Auto Dealership in the US, in New Jersey by mid-2008. The question is how much more pounding can these companies take and what will this do to consumer confidence as we dip into the next downward trend in the US Business Cycle. Think on this – we are. Sincerely, Lance.


November 24, 2010

Bad Credit Car Loan Interest Rates – 3 Tips To Save Big On Your Next Loan

Jennifer Elizabeth Murray asked:

Getting any type of loan is difficult enough these days, let alone if you find yourself with bad credit. Unfortunately, the economic fallout from the crisis is only going to make things worse, but all isn’t lost. You see, if you take the right approach, you needn’t worry about bad credit car loan interest rates. This article will outline a simple approach that can help you save big on your next application.

1. Start By Increasing Your Down Payment
If you have bad credit then most lenders are going to charger you a higher that average rate of interest. The only way to increase your chances significantly of getting approved, is by increasing the amount of any down payment on the car you are trying to get. Not only will you have a greater chance of being approved, but your interest rate won’t be as high. The less you borrow, as poor credit risk, the greater you gain favor with lenders.

2. Show Solid Proof Of Consistent Income
Lenders like to know that when they give out a loan, there is strong likelihood that it will be repaid. The greater your demonstration of ability to repay, the greater your chances of being accepted. But no only that; you see, even though you may be deemed a bad credit risk, the fact that you appear to be able to manage a debt, at least through income proof, will cause lenders to relax their lending rates to you.

3. Scour The Internet For The Lowest Rate
So, we’ve established that your rate is probably going to be a bit steep, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for the first quote you get. There are literally hundreds of lenders online, and the competition among them for your business is fierce. This means no matter how bad your credit, a little digging can get you a favorable rate. Online companies tend to have cheaper lending rates traditionally anyway, so you can’t go far wrong by using an online loan provider.

You should be able to find some pretty decent bad credit car loan interest rates, now that you’ve read this article. The key to your success is taking action, so start looking online today.


November 23, 2010

Shop For a Cheap Car Loan Rate

Apurva Shree asked:

A cheap car loan rate is something that you should watch out for when you are shopping for a car. Purchasing a car can have a significant impact on your finances, so do not just impulsively rush to the dealer and sign a deal, before you think it through. You need to sit down and consider your financial situation, you need to figure out if you can actually afford a car that you like or compromise for another one that is friendlier on your pocket.

You will then have to consider getting car loans, as most of us need to take out a loan in order to purchase a car. It will help if you did some research about auto loans, various kinds of lenders that you can approach and decide if you will opt for a secured or an unsecured loan. You need to compare quotes to determine who offers you the lowest interest rates and flexible repayment options.

Purchasing a Used or a New Car

If you have bad credit history, you need not worry about buying a car, as many online lenders offer competitive rates for people with a poor credit profile. You may have to get a loan from a sub-prime lender, but consider it as a chance to set your credit records straight by making payments on time. Soon you may be able to apply for refinancing car loans and get lower interest rates with more flexible repayment options.

Some people are confused when it comes to buying a car, as they are on a limited budget and wonder if they ought to buy a used car or go for a new one. You easily secure bad credit used car loan, but you will find that a new car can be financed for longer durations and when compared to used cars, have a lower interest rate, so just make sure you consider all options available to you, analyze carefully what choices are right and then decide on the type of car and the lender.

You can get cheap car loan rate, if you use collateral, perhaps even the very same car that you are purchasing. The lender will have the car’s documents and if you default on payments, you may lose the collateral. Think twice before you commit yourself, as you need to have enough cash left to pay for insurance, registration, monthly up keep and servicing etc. You have to set aside a certain amount each month for gasoline and the monthly installment. If you unrealistically sign a deal for a dream car at high APR, you may not get to enjoy driving around in it, much considering the strain on your finances instead consider shopping for a loan from a lender who offers a cheap car loan rate.


Getting The Best Used Car Loan Rates

Harv Ong asked:

A used car loan is often the best way to pay for a used car, unless the buyer actually has the cash to pay for it straight away. The average Joe takes time and prepares before purchasing a car, often spending close to an hour just negotiating the price. However, not everyone has the presence of mind to attempt to get the best used car loan rates possible. Such an oversight can be a drastic mistake, since how much one pays for the vehicle is just as important as what make and model of automobile one is actually getting. As a consequence of the above mindset, very few people know how to work around the loan rates and get the situation in their favor. To attempt to compensate for that, below are a few things to keep in mind when attempting to get the best used car loan rates.

First off, a person should do a little research on the financing companies. Potential buyers should take the time to check the policies, the reputation, and the current rates of the lending companies that are being considered. Used car loan rates are not as set in stone as most financing groups would have a buyer believe, since there are ways to make the rates go down. A buyer should ask for a quote and then compare that quote to one obtained from a different financing group. Comparing quotes both aids in the decision making process and allows the buyer to get a feel for the policy constraints of each financing institution.

Another key to obtaining the best possible used car loan rates would be offering a larger downpayment on the purchase. A larger downpayment results in lower interest rates for the loan. Since part of the price of the automobile has already been paid for, there is no need for the dealership to give the buyer a higher interest rate. Also, a larger downpayment has the potential to provide a buyer with long-term savings by reducing the amount of interest being paid for. A final benefit of a large downpayment would be the fact that it can get a buyer more favorable interest rates even if the buyer has some unfavorable details in their financial history.

Finally, finding a middle ground between the term of the loan and the interest per month is key to getting the best used car loan rates. Longer terms result in lower interest rates, which can create an ideal situation for people don’t mind being in debt a little longer or people who adhere to a strict budget. On the other hand, shorter terms means larger interest payments, which are good for people who want to completely own the vehicle as soon as possible. Shorter terms are also considered advisable for people who have more financial resources on hand.

The process of obtaining the best possible used car loan rates can be as complex a task as getting the smallest possible price for a used auto, but the potential benefits are worth the effort. The average dealership normally tries to keep the rates as close to their original numbers as possible, to maximize their profit margins. However, any savvy consumer can negotiate his way to better used car loan rates if he comes prepared.


Auto Loan Rates

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