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July 27, 2010

Should I pay down my principal balance on my auto loan with my credit card?

K.C. asked:

I have an auto loan at 16% (I know a little high but when I got it my credit wasn’t as good as it is now) and I have a credit card that has an intro balance transfer rate (which includes just them writing a check to someone) for 6 months and after that ana interest rate of 12% which is still lower than my car rate — I don’t have enough available credit on the card to pay it off but was going to pay about $2000 in a principal payment I still owe in the high $13K on my auto loan…..Ieaving about $11K on my auto loan….I pay my credit card bill on time and pay between $300-$500 a month on the card so I pay well over the min payment amount….Is this a good idea — I’m just trying to get my principal down cause it’s not going down by much with the interest rate being 16% —- also a refi is not an option as I owe more than the car is worth
Thank You I will not use my credit card to do this — I’ll just try and make more the the monthly payment to my card
To my car, lol


July 23, 2010

Auto Loans Rates – Negotiate Interest Rate Smartly

Carney Alden asked:

Owning a car has now become a status symbol and we always look for our dream car to come at our door. The only hindrance between us and our desired vehicle is lack of sufficient cash in hand and we are afraid of the high interest rates while thinking of auto loans. Now you can have a cheap rate auto loan by using some key ideas and your personal negotiating power. Auto loan rates are variable and we must be smart enough to make the use of the opportunities. The most important factor while dealing with interest rates of the auto loans is your credit record. So you get your credit score before looking for auto loans. Any score above 750 is considered as good credit and you can easily negotiate with lender to get a cheap loan. People suffering from bad credit can find it difficult to get the interest rate low.

Auto loan rates are usually low towards the end of the month as firms want to increase the number of sales of the month. So you can wait for some days and go to lenders during end days of the month to have a cheap rate loan. Next thing that can help you to get a cheap loan is the down payment you make. Down payment reflects your repaying capacity and so if it is high the lender can get the interest rate low. You must be smart while dealing with lenders and should not put your all efforts at the start of the negotiation.

Start with a low rate and move forward. As no one wants to loose a customer, you will surely get the desired deal. Lastly, don’t stick to a particular lender and look for all the options available so that you can have the option to get a better deal. Online search is the best option to deal with many lenders within short period of time.


July 20, 2010

Why Are Interest Rates Higher on Auto Loans With Bad Credit?

Scott Stanko asked:

When your credit score gets below a certain point you may have to turn to sub prime lenders for your auto financing needs. As you apply for these types of loans you will notice that their interest rates are considerably higher than your traditional lending sources you have used in the past. Although it may feel like it, sub prime lenders do not charge higher rates just because they think you are a bad person, or to punish you for your current financial situation. There are some very real and calculated reasons that the rates are higher on these types of loans.

1) Higher Risk Of Loss- Sub prime lenders have much larger default rates as a percentage than regular prime banks do. When a lender has high default rates they have to charge a higher rate of interest on all their loans to help off set the losses they incur on the defaults. Banks are in the business of making money and charging higher rates allows them to collect more money in interest up front and hopefully remain profitable after the losses they incur. If they were to charge low rates on all their loans and still incurred the same amount of losses they would go out of business because the losses would exceed the income that their loans generate.

2) Higher Collection Costs- When a lender has higher default rates they also incur higher collections expenses. Repossession, legal, title, and staff expenses all increase when you have large amounts of loans that default. All these expenses affect the lenders bottom line.

3) Verifications- Sub prime lenders have very strict guidelines that they have to follow. Before any sub prime lender will disperse funds on a loan they will verify all the information you provide on your application. Staff is needed to contact employers, landlords, mortgage companies, and insurance companies. This can be a long and tedious process that takes time and hourly employees.

As you can see there are some very real expenses that sub prime lenders incur as cost of doing business. The best plan is to make timely payments on this loan and as your credit score starts to rise look to refinance through a prime lender at a lower rate in the future.


July 19, 2010

I want to pay off my auto loan?

Loki asked:

My auto loan has about 5k and change left. I had no credit, nor a co-signer, so I had to bite the bullet of a high interest rate. 14% to be exact. High, I know. However, I want to pay this off by September buy sending in $1000 every 2 weeks. This is possible, but I need to know how this interest is applied. I don’t want to send in 1k and have it all go to interest. I believe the interest was precalculated, so how would this work? Paying 1k until September will leave me with a few payments, but I at least wanna have 12 payments made before I pay it off. Going back to school, so I will need the extra $230 a month, which is what I pay monthly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


July 17, 2010

Auto Loan for bad credit possible?

lovemusicjunky asked:

I want to buy a Nissan Cube in the next couple of weeks. I have $6,000 to put down and the car will be around $20,000 I tried to get a auto loan from my bank and I got denied. My credit score is 601. I have no debt, I paid everything off 2 years ago, no major credit cards (bc my credit is so bad I can’t get one), I make $60,000+/year so I can afford it. My debt was no more than $3500 and I have never owned or rented a house. Is there any place that I can go in the Houston, Texas area that will approve me with a not so high interest rate? Thanks in advance. It wouldn’t be such a big deal but my current car is hanging by a thread and will cost $1500 to fix and I refuse to put that much money into it again.


July 12, 2010

3 Tips for Getting a Low Rate Auto Loan

Carrie Reeder asked:

Getting approved for an auto loan is easy. However, getting approved for a low rate is a bit more challenging. Still, there are ways to secure a low auto loan rate. The lowest possible rate is important because it could potentially lower monthly payments, and makes a particular vehicle more affordable. Here are three tips for improving your chances of getting a low rate auto loan.

Never Accept the First Auto Loan Offer

If eager to purchase a new vehicle, it is easy to get caught-up in the excitement and fail to compare other offers. Dealerships have one goal in mind – making a profit. Therefore, even the nicest salesperson can use tactics that result in the buyer paying more money for their car.

Therefore, it is important to obtain quotes from several different lenders. If possible, work with an auto loan broker. This is the easiest way to acquire multiple quotes without contacting numerous loan companies. Once you’ve obtained the quotes, compare the offers, and pick the one with the lowest rate.

Improve Credit Rating

If you have a low credit score, maybe now is not the right time to finance a new vehicle. Auto loan rates are based on previous credit history. Therefore, applicants with a history of paying bills late will receive a higher rate.

With a little effort and discipline, it is possible to improve your credit score within six months. To begin, start paying bills on time. Secondly, never skip a payment. If excessive debt is keeping your score low, attempt to eliminate or reduce credit card debts.

Furthermore, limit credit inquiries, and keep a close eye on your credit report. Because of the prevalence of identity theft, all consumers should monitor their reports. One incident of stolen identity can make it difficult to obtain a car or home loan. For more information and a list of suggested credit repair services see

Seek a Co-signer for Car Loan

Taking advantage of someone else’s good credit is a great way to obtain a low rate auto loan. Still, using a co-signer is risky. Co-signers agree to become responsible for the loan if the primary borrower refuses to pay. While beneficial to a person with bad credit, co-signers should proceed with caution.


Auto Loans After Bankruptcy – Do You Need a Co-signer or Collateral?

Carrie Reeder asked:

An auto loan after bankruptcy doesn’t mean you have to have a co-signer or collateral. By searching for the right lender, you can get into a vehicle at reasonable rates. However, a co-signer can help you qualify for better rates.

Easy Car Loans After Bankruptcy

Right after a bankruptcy, rates will be high for any type of credit, including car loans. However, by waiting for two to three years, your score can be in good standing again.

But most people need transportation, so you do have options before your credit is in good standing. One option is to get an auto loan through a dealership. This is a bad idea. Many scams can be found this way with high rates or bad cars.

A better option is to look online for reasonable rates on auto loans. You can get pre-approved and shop for a car either at a dealership or through a private seller. Rates will be slightly higher at first, but you can improve them by increasing your down payment. You can also refinance your loan when your credit improves.

Get a Better Car Loan Interest Rate with a Co-signer

A co-signer with a great credit score can help you qualify for much better rates. Your auto loan rates are determined by the co-signer’s financial history since they are also responsible for the loan.

If you do decide to apply with a co-signer, make sure you both understand the consequences. You can also apply for a guarantee loan, which places less requirements on the co-signer.

Affect of Having a Collateral Loan

Collateral affects your overall credit score when it comes to car loans. So by having significant assets, you may qualify for good rates even with a recent bankruptcy. A good idea would be to check your credit score to see were you stand.

Your car is also considered collateral as part of any auto loan. That is why rates are lower for this type of loan. In the event that you can’t make payment and the lender forecloses, your car would be sold. If there is a difference between the auctioned amount and the loan amount, you have to pay the difference.


July 11, 2010

Can I get an auto loan?

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Maya asked:

I am an international student on F1 visa. When I applied for a car loan, i got rejected due to the reason that I am not a US citizen or permanant resident. i got the financing from dealer but at a high rate. So do any one know an option so that I can refinance it. I ahev good credit score (750)

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