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February 27, 2010

Getting a Good Auto Loan Rate Is Not Luck

Hector Milla asked:

Some people think that one can get a good loan deal only by being at the right place at the right time.

However, this isn’t true. Getting a good auto loan does not depend on your luck; it is a skill which one has to learn. If you are familiar with the tricks and you know how to negotiate, you can get the best deal possible. Do not be nervous and do not hesitate while negotiating for an auto loan because saving so much money should work as a motivational tool. In this article, I am going to give you a few tips which will guide you on how to purchase a new car on an affordable auto loan.

Hector Milla Editor of the “Lowest Auto Loan rates” website — — pointed out;

· Purchase at the end of the month

“…Often car dealerships conduct contests and the winner of the contest receives a prize, sometimes a monetary prize. Usually the contests last for a month and by the end of the month, the salespeople are exhausted and can make the sale regardless of the price. During these contests, you can negotiate the terms with the dealer and get a better rate. Obviously, when the price of the vehicle will go down, the rate of the auto loan will go down too…”

· Have a good credit

This is an obvious statement, but not a lot of people are aware of effects of bad credit while obtaining a loan. If you happen to have good credit, you are able to negotiate the terms and buy a vehicle whenever you want. However, if you have poor credit, you have to take some time and put an effort to rebuild credit, only then you can apply for a loan.

· Learn how to negotiate

“…While making a deal with the lender, you have to try and negotiate the terms while keeping in mind that there are other car dealers and loan lenders and you can consult them too. Never just accept the first offer and do not be nervous while negotiating…” added H. Milla.

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February 25, 2010

Obraining a auto refinance loan?

kingsfan4evr24 asked:

im currently 19 years old and am employed by target. I bring home about 1200 a month. Last year i bought my first car and since i had no credit i got stuck paying a obscene interest rate. 17% , im 14 months threw the 60 month loan and am ready to refinace. I have a decent credit score at 675 for a 19 yr old. Problem is i owe about 9800 principal left on the car. I put alot of miles on it and the car is no longer worth the amount that i owe. Car is prabably worth 7500. Would amy bank refinance me given that i owe more than its worth?

Its a 2002 toyota camry 107,000 miles great condition
to rusty. so if i qualified but it be better off to simply get a 3 year personal loan for 10k to pay the car off and id still save about 1500 dollars in interest and a year off the loan


February 20, 2010

Who has the best auto loans?

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niecet2005 asked:

Im trying to purchase a vehicle and i was just wondering which bank or any other place that finance loans has the best rates and or deals.


February 10, 2010

Which is better, a $2,000 rebate with a standard auto interest rate or 0.9 % finance without the rebate?

Mike S asked:

I haven’t found a good website to find an automobile payment calculator to break this down for me over the entire life of the loan. If you can show me the site or crunch the numbers, I’d appreciate it. Consider a car at $20,000 for five years at 0.9% versus a car at $18,000 for five years at 6%. Thanks!


February 4, 2010

Auto Loans Rates: so Now Your Car is not a Far Away Dream

Carney Alden asked:

Owning a car makes you a part of that society which believes in having luxury. You earn well, your credit is good but still spending it on a car at a go is not something you can afford. A monthly installment scheme which will help you get a car should work out better. Auto loans rates offer you just that very installment scheme you are looking for.

Auto loan rates are influenced and keep changing with the credit score of the borrowers. There are multiple auto loans in the market, some are for good credit holders and some are for bad credit holders. To get the cheap rates, there is a small trick. If you are among those who can bargain well, then you are lucky. If you can bargain smartly and effectively, you can get a loan rate which suits you completely. It is better to start the bargain with very low rates so that, at the end, you can get affordable and easy payable rates.

Many people just consider rate of interest to lower the rates. But annual percentage rate or APR is the important thing to look for when calculating the total loan cost. Down payments are important feature which affects the other loan features. If the down payment is big, the interest rate is low and the loan term is long. Long term loans have low interest rate than the short term loans. a good credit scorer can get the loans with lower interest rate comparing to a bad credit scorer, whose interest rates will be little higher. Secured loans are low in interest rates and extended loan term than the unsecured loans.

Auto loans are generally secured with the car itself. Many lenders also take other assets as the collateral against the loan amount. The borrowers can get these auto loan rates online and by visiting the lender’s offices. These days online mode is more convenient.


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