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October 29, 2009

Is their a place that will Refinace our Auto Loan?

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Tashina J asked:

In a few months I would like too look into refiancing our suv, we have been paying on it for a year now, when we got the car my credit was ok still fairly new but now my score has come up about 100 pts , we are paying $589 right now but WOULD REALLY like a lower payment and lower interest rate although my credit is good the reason we got into such a high rate in the first place is my husband his credit history is really bad from when he was younger and previously married. His score is much better than last year about 617 still not good but ok , however I know that bad history is gonna follow us for about 6 more yrs. The company we got financed through(drive financial) does not offer refiancing, so I am wondering if their are any companies out their that would considering my husbands past?


October 26, 2009

How to Get Lower Auto Loan Rates

Hector Milla asked:

In trying to save money, it is important to look for ways to get discounts wherever possible, and that includes auto loan rates.

Not everyone in the market for car financing will get the same interest charges and fees, but getting the least expensive terms for the lien against a vehicle is not terribly difficult if the driver knows what steps to follow. These tips are offered to help car owners learn how to get lower auto loan rates.

Hector Milla Editor of the “Lowest Auto Loan rates” website — — pointed out;

“…First, the person who will be borrowing the money will want to shop around and compare rates and terms from several different lenders. Some banks and credit unions are able to offer lower terms than others, and comparing options from different financial institutions can help the driver pay the least amount for a car loan…”

Second, when comparing different auto loan terms, the borrower should not forget about the online financing options available through an Internet lender. These companies can have some of the lowest rates because there are fewer expenses with Internet-based customers and can pass their savings on to the end consumer.

Third, the best auto financing terms will be offered to those persons with an excellent credit history. While a poor record does not absolutely guarantee that the driver will pay the highest interest charges, it is far easier to get lower fees and charges when one’s driving history is relatively clean. Before one goes looking for a loan, a car owner should check his or her credit report and make sure that it is free of mistakes that could impact the credit score negatively. If the driver has no credit history, he or she should consider getting a secured credit card and building a history of on-time payments to build a favorable credit history.

“…These are just some of the ways that drivers can get lower auto loan rates in today’s market. Keep them in mind to avoid paying too much interest…” added H. Milla.

Further information and instant approval auto loans regardless of your credit by visiting:


October 25, 2009

Auto Loans Rates – Buy the Car at Lowest Rate

Mark Nikolos asked:

Nowadays people don’t live just for satisfaction. There is something called society. You have to maintain your position in the society and having a brand new car is an essential element to do so. But sometimes we don’t have enough financial back up to do it that much easily. And the only option left to do so is to go for taking external monetary support from market. If you are also thinking the same to do then auto loans rates should be your first stop.

These loans are normally given to the borrower as secured types of loans. Generally lender asks to put the car it self as a security against the loan. But if you do not want to do so then you can also pledge any of your valuable properties as collateral. Placing security not only keeps the lender at safe side but also brings you a number of benefits and the most obvious among them is reduction in interest rate.

These loans can be taken in two forms – short term auto loans or long term ones. Both have its’ own advantages and disadvantages. In case of short term ones the money borrowed must be paid back within a short time period of 3 to 5 years and interest rate charged will high. But with long term you will get relaxed interest rate and repayment tenure will also be long here.

All UK citizens are eligible to apply for auto loans rates. The only thing they must have is regular source of income. A down payment has to be paid against the loaned amount. If you are ready to pay large down payment then you will get reduction in rates. With the increasing popularity among customers lenders are coming forward with new schemes daily. They are now ready to provide the financing to bad credit holders also.


October 22, 2009

How long should I have good pay history on a auto loan to try to refinance?

missjuly15 asked:

I have had bankrupcy and repo in the past 5 years. My credit score now is 620 and they have me at a 15% interest rate. I had to have a car. My old one had over 200,000 miles, was 13 years old and was in need of major repair very soon. My payments right now are doable, but eventually I would like to refinance for a lower rate. My credit history since all those issues has been fine. How long should I wait to refinace? I have heard everything from 6mth to 2 yrs. Also when I do, do I have a better chance of going through the same company? AND…..should I try to pay a little more every mth now to pay off some of the interest or how does that work? I got the car for about $3000 less than bluebook price, so I got a really good deal.


October 15, 2009

Best Auto Loan Rates

Jizmack Baraceros asked:

An automobile or any sort of vehicle is most certainly one of the very best investments a person could make. Knowledge of the standard auto loan rates in the UK would ensure that you would in no way be buried in debt while trying to keep up with the interest rates of the your auto loan. Comparing auto loan rates would most definitely give you the edge when working towards woning your very own car.

Low rate auto loans work exactly the same way as regular auto loans. The lenders would shoulder the full amount of the automobile’s cost, and would allow the borrower use of the vehicle while following a schedule of payment. The difference, of course, lies in the interest rates that are applied to the payment of the loan, which are significantly lower compared to regular auto loan rates.

Used auto loan rates are quite different from regular auto loan rate, mostly because used automobiles in general are of a different quality and are worth a little bit less compared to new automobiles.

Once you have acquired your very own automobile, it is very important to have it insured. You are reminded that it is very possible for auto insurance rates to be padded in such a way that you would actually be paying for more than what the insurance actually covers. So choose wisely.

While the term refinancing is often used to refer to mortgage renegotiations, there is such a thing as auto refinancing. That being said, auto refinance rates must be carefully reconsidered and renegotiated wisely so that both the borrower and the lender would equally benefit from the new arrangement (better cash flow, less stressful payments). For more information and tips On Best Auto Loan Rates visit the website,


Where can I refinance my auto loan?

xyz asked:

My payoff is $6100 and my ’98 Tacoma has ~130,000 miles on it. I can’t find anyone who will refinance an older vehicle and the ones that will refinance less then $7500. I had bad credit when I bought this and have a 25% interest rate. Now I have great credit and am looking to lower my payment by getting a 10% or less interest rate.
Why, because I had bad credit and that was the only credit extended to me & the only option to improve my credit. score was low 500′s now it’s mid 700′s. I would have paid a couple of grand just to increase my score 200 points but unfortunatly it does not work that way. The amount I owe is about blue book value.


October 14, 2009

Auto Loans Rates: Easiest Way To Select Cheap Auto Loan Rates

Carney Alden asked:

If you intend to purchase any automobile it becomes little tough to pay full cost of the auto at the time of purchase from own savings. At time, people have to postpone their decision to buy a car due to full payment, which is at time more than one’s savings. Also, if you intend to borrow auto loan to purchase a car and unknowingly borrowed any auto loan with high rates, its amount of monthly installment would be high which would ultimately affect your budget and in end will be the reason of very bad credit score. Therefore, it is very essential while looking for auto loan to choose the auto loan which has cheap rates which would be easier to pay and successfully close the loan.

To choose a loan that exactly suits your needs, the best method is to go online and search for the right auto loan terms of different lenders. This is because the auto loans rates vary from lender to lender and also among different schemes of same lender. You can ask for a quotation or you can also use the free loan calculator available on most of the lenders’ websites.

The loan rates depend on the following factors:

1. Amount of Loan: This excludes any upfront payment you are willing to make. In case of 100 per cent finance, the interest rate is the highest.

2. Duration of the loan: When you take a short term loan, the interest is applied to the loan amount and then is distributed into equal parts. As the number of parts is less, you get to pay higher installments but then you save on the interest. In contrast, a higher rate of interest is applied to longer period. The advantage is that though the interest rate is high, you get to pay lower amount as installment.

3. Secured or unsecured loans: Auto loan rates are less for the secured loans as you place some collateral. For unsecured loans, the rates are a bit higher than that of secured loans. For unsecured loans, you do not place any collateral as such.

Overall, to select any auto loan with cheap rate is to be careful in the beginning itself while looking for the loan. A little effort to compare auto loan terms of different lenders will have you severe headache later on. Also, with a cheap loan rate, you can save a lot of money over the period.


Instant Auto Loans: No Need to Wait Endlessly for Your New Car

Loan to Loan asked:

nt Auto Loan Financing

When you approach for any auto loan nowadays, you need to shop around for the right loan with benefits that can help you. Many auto loan financers provide promotional offers, like loans with low interest rates. Any loan with low interest rate means lower monthly installments and hence lower costs.

These loans are available in both secured and unsecured forms. In case of the secured loans the rates of interest are on the lower side because you have to keep collateral against the loan amount. This security is in the form of the car that you purchase. The lender keeps the papers of the car as security against the loan amount. The rate of interest in this case amounts to 5% to 8%. But in case of the unsecured loans you don’t need to keep collateral as security against the loan. That is the main reason the rate of interest being lower. The other advantage that you can derive from these unsecured loans is that the lenders do not perform any credit check before giving the loans. Thus you can get hold of a loan even if you have a poor credit history in the past. The rate of interest in this can go as high as 8% to 12%. You should know the loan application thoroughly before opting for any specific loan as it is very important to know the loan quotes in order to get the best deal from the lenders.

Online loans are fast. To begin, search auto loans bad credit online. From the list returned by your search engine you can review and select few companied that suit your needs. You can then ask them for quotations so that you can better evaluate the loan process.

The companies providing auto loans bad credit online do not perform any credit checks. But they do need some information about your ability to repay the debt. Some companies may ask you to fax in the documents. Others do not need that too. But this does not mean that one can furnish false information. They have their own methods to find out the truth. And once you are caught with false information, you are blacklisted meaning you cannot approach any other company as well.

The entire process is online:

You submit your application form They evaluate the details you submitted. Once the details are found to be satisfactory, they transfer the money to your account. You have to provide them with the authority to deduct the installment each month from your checking account or credit card.

Lenders require borrower’s employment documents with an income proof, a valid bank account number and the age proof of being 18 years to approve the loan amount. The repayment tenure varies from 1 to 10 years with this loan. A borrower needs to fill an online application form with personal details such as loan amount, purpose of loan, make of the vehicle, personal information, etc. As soon as the application is approved, money will be transferred to the borrower’s bank account.

Loan 2 Loan have own websites borrowers can search on internet and extract information about us. Online method saves a lot of time and it is also very convenient in the sense that many formalities of loan can be done online. Submitting the application online results in faster processing and facilitates faster approval of the loan. Just to fill up it’s a simple application form and within few day of his applying loan amount credited direct to his account in a very least time span.

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