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July 12, 2009

will it hurt me anyway to pay off my autoloan with my credit card?

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rastapunker asked:

My credit card has a better interest rate than my auto loan. how would it effect me if i used it to pay off a portion of my autoloan?


July 11, 2009

What to Consider Before Availing Bad Credit Used Car Loans?

Auto Loan Finance asked:

Quick Guidelines for Availing Used Car Loan with Bad Credit

Individuals need credit facilities, and when they do, they usually go in for loans. Loan providers would be happy to provide the credit, however they do so to earn a profit. And, if the applicant does not have a good credit repayment record, the lenders going to think twice before providing the facilities. Availing a loan with a bad credit history can be difficult. And getting a used car loan can is even more trying if you have bad credit ratings. While applying for car loans with bad credit people often feel tied down when they do not have enough information regarding how to go about the car loan process. The following pointers try to answer a few common questions frequently faced while applying for the loan.

How do I find bad credit used car loans?

The best place to search for used car loans is the internet. All lenders advertise their presence on the net, and their sites generally contain all the details and specifics of the kind of loans they provide. It is easier to compare the interest charged by various lenders, and the biggest advantage you have is the entire searching process turns out to be cost effective, since you do not have to commute, and avoid spending time as well as money before deciding upon the lender offering the best terms and conditions. It is recommended to apply for auto loans online and get your free quote before committing to a loan provider.

How difficult can the process of no credit used car financing be?

The process is simple, since all you need to do is fill up the application form, and submit your credit history details along with the required documents required by the moneylender. It is important to check out and provide all the required details, as well as the documentation, since incomplete applications lead to rejections. Usually the lender provides a prompt reply after studying the application.

What kind of terms and conditions can I work out with the lender?

It depends upon the lender. While working out the terms and conditions, it is important to negotiate with the loan provider, and work out the terms and conditions. Even though the loan agreement remains more or less the same, each lender has specific requirements, so it’s important to check out and decide what kind of conditions the lender needs, and what you can commit to.

Is it important to work out the loan before shopping for a car?

Yes, it is recommended you do. The financing decides what kind of credit facilities you qualify for, and up to what extent the loan amount is going to be. Working out the car finance prior to buying your car helps in deciding what kind of budget you are likely to have, and what kind of car fits your budget.


July 7, 2009

Best Auto Loan Rates – Get The Lowest Rate Possible

Hector Milla asked:

Getting a good auto loan rate is vitally important to anyone who wishes to stay in good financial health.

A vehicle is one of the most expensive purchases that most people will make in their life, as well as the second largest bill that most people will have to pay each month, behind only the mortgage. Therefore, when looking to purchase a car, it is always important to look at what might truly be the best auto loan rate.

Hector Milla Editor of the “Lowest Auto Loan rates” website — — pointed out;

“…The first place that a person should always look to get a good auto loan rate is online. The internet is possibly the best consumer tool ever, as it allows people to compare prices across thousands of stores and creditors in a matter of minutes. It is now simple to see exactly what everybody offers, as well as to find what the catches are, and what the fine print says. Research is something that everybody must do. On the same tact, once you find a creditor who interest you, you can typically negotiate using the rates that you know about as a tool. This can decrease your rate even more…”

Unfortunately, these excellent deals may not always be available to people who have poor credit. For those who have poor credit, it may be necessary to make a large down payment to get a loan, and even so, in many cases, it may still be impossible to get one.

“…However, those with bad credit are a valid market, and creditors have sprung up who will offer them a loan. In fact, there are even creditors who will give out a loan regardless of a person’s credit score. This is an excellent opportunity, as these people understand that type of financial situation, and will tailor the credit that they give so that a person can completely afford what they borrow. They may even offer a lower rate than the more common and frequently-used creditors…” added H. Milla.

Further information and instant approval auto loans regardless of your credit by visiting:


When would be a good time, in this economic climate, to try to refinance an auto loan?

CoBird asked:

I bought a car almost a year ago, my mother cosigned for me, and I am wondering if it is even worth it for me to try to refinance so it’s only under my name. With the economy the way it is and all I have been hearing about banks tightening their guidelines, I don’t want to risk hard pulls on my report for no reason.

I’ve been making payments for 11mos now and have always been on time and above the minimum. The rate as of now is 8.9% and my credit report is in better shape than it was when I first took out the loan.

Hopefully someone who works as a loan officer/processor can help me out!



July 6, 2009

Best company to refinance auto loan with?

E R asked:

I have an 08 Lancer Evolution, but was recently laid off. I am now stuck with a 517.00 payment along with 75.00 for insurance. I can’t sell the car because I owe 28,4 on it and mitsubishi still has 0% so I will lose a lot if I sell the car. I have 0% myself, but have only made 5 payments on the car. I would be willing to pay some interest if I could go up to 72 or even 84 months. Does anyone know which company has the lowest refinance rates right now? and if so, what are they?
N… the car wouldn’t go in my name.. so the credit is good. I owe 28,4 and the value according to KBB is 29,7.


July 3, 2009

Auto financing: personal loan option?

Bhaiyanak asked:

Personal loans and lines of credit are good deals these days as an option for financing an auto purchase. Any idea why dealers are still charge high financing rates? I know the expected answers (they are preying on the unaware, etc. :-) – but I am just curious…

Is there a drawback to financing via a personal line of credit? I amseriouslyconsidering this option for a new vehicle purchase.
Live in Toronto, Canada.



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